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Please find below some Frequently Asked Questions above the service we provide.

If you were involved in a collision and you were not at fault, you are eligible for a Replacement Vehicle. At the scene of the accident ensure you grab all the other parties details including name, contact number, address and registration number and leave the rest to us.

When you’re not at fault in a motor collision, you are entitled to claim the costs of a replacement vehicle during the repair period. We forward our invoice directly to the at-fault party for payment.

No. We have a range of cars which includes prestige vehicles, as well as being able to cater to those with vans, utes and trucks. If it has four wheels, chances are we have it.

We will endeavor to provide you with a like for like replacement vehicle. Like for like means that unlike your insurance company, which may just provide the same standard replacement vehicle to all their clients, we will provide you with a replacement vehicle as close as possible to your own vehicle.

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Yes, all heavy motor vehicles are eligible for an accident replacement vehicle and the same process applies.

Give our office a call to discuss your requirements and, subject to availability, we can arrange for you to collect the vehicle on the very same day.

Most insurers attempt discourage people from utilising our services because it is a cost to them that they would rather avoid. The sad reality is that insurers are more concerned with reducing their costs than looking after the unfortunate drivers involved in accidents.

Legally, you are entitled to an accient replacement vehicle if you are the not-at-fault party in a collision, regardless of what your insurer might suggest.

No. As long as you are not liable for the collision and you abide by the Terms and Conditions of the rental, which includes assisting us with the recovery process should it be required, you will not have to pay.

We offer our customers credit hire of our vehicles which means there are no upfront costs to you. Other car rental companies make you pay first where you then have to make a claim to be reimbursed for the costs.

We can still help you if you are at fault. If you have Hire Car Cover under your Insurance Policy we can claim directly through your own insurance; you will just be required to provide the specific terms of your policy. Alternatively, we can recommend you to one of our own approved qualified smash repairers who may also be able to provide you with a vehicle.

If someone is injured in the accident and is looking to claim damages,  Ausfleet Claims can assist you with getting professional, friendly and straight-forward advice.

Our associate solicitors specialise in road traffic accident claims, so from the moment you call us, you’ll be in good hands.   Our team will ensure that your claim is handled with your needs in mind, making the process easier for you so you can concentrate on your recovery.

For more information please contact our office.

You can keep the replacement vehicle until repairs on your vehicle are complete. In most cases where your vehicle has been written-off, you can keep it until you are reimbursed by your insurer.

Yes. The standard time you are entitled to a replacement vehicle when your vehicle is a Total Loss is for 14 days. Despite this, we understand that in most cases there are delays in assessment or you cannot afford to purchase a new vehicle until you have been paid out by the insurer. Our team will be in contact with you throughout the whole process and in many cases, you can keep it until you are reimbursed by your insurer.

No. For all standard vehicles, they are supplied with unlimited kilometres. Heavy Motor and some specialty Vehicles do have a limit bu this will be charged to the at fault insurer. You will also need to notify us if you plan on traveling interstate.

You will need to notify us within 24 hours of any collision or damage caused to our vehicle as per the Terms & Conditions of the Rental.

Contact us on 1300 AUSFLEET.

Yes, you are still entitled to a replacement vehicle but a higher insurance excess will apply.

Yes. We will give the vehicle to you full of fuel upon delivery. You will just need to return the vehicle full of fuel.

For all standard rentals charges, you are not required to pay anything subject to the Terms & Conditions. The only thing you do have to pay for is Fuel, Tolls, Fines and any Excess’ that apply.

You will need to notify us if there will be additional drivers, any driver that you have not informed us about will not be insured.

Yes, all of our vehicles are fully insured. The excess can range depending on which vehicle you have, your age and if you are a Probationary Driver. You will be informed at time of collection.

If you have any further questions, please contact our office.

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